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We offer a range of friendly, affordable and expertly guided birdwatching holidays both overseas and here in the UK. Based in Nottinghamshire our tours depart where possible from local airports in the Midlands. They are aimed at like-minded people with a general interest in wildlife, with all levels from beginners to experts catered for. Focussing primarily on birds, time wherever possible will also be given to watching mammals, butterflies and reptiles etc. Our tours are intended not only to offer incredible birdwatching, but also an enjoyable relaxing holiday, allowing plenty of time for prolonged good views of target birds.



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  • Pygmy Owl, Slovakia 2016, Dave Read Pygmy Owl, Slovakia 2016, Dave Read
  • Black Woodpecker, Slovakia 2016, Dave Read Black Woodpecker, Slovakia 2016, Dave Read
  • Rüppell's Warbler, Cyprus 2016, Denise Howe Ruppell's Warbler, Cyprus 2016, Denise Howe
  • Lammergeier, Northern Spain 2016, Dave Read Lammergeier, Northern Spain 2016, Dave Read
  • Cream-coloured Courser, Fuerteventura 2015, Dave Read Cream-coloured Courser, Fuerteventura 2015, Dave Read
  • Ibisbill, China 2015, Dave Read Ibisbill, China 2015, Dave Read
  • Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, China 2015, Dave Read Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, China 2015, Dave Read
  • Dalmation Pelican, Lake Kerkini 2015, Dave Read Dalmation Pelican, Lake Kerkini 2015, Dave Read
  • green Jay, Texas 2014, Dave Read Green Jay, Texas 2014, Dave Read
  • Capercaillie, Finland 2013, Dave Read Capercaillie, Finland 2013, Dave Read


With an area of less than 20,000 square miles, Costa Rica is the third-smallest nation in Central America, yet its avifauna is among the richest in the world. For the visiting birder, this modern and politically stable country provides the advantage of compactness combined with excellent accommodation, stunning scenery, friendly people and above all fantastic birding. For such a small country Costa Rica possesses enormous habitat diversity and we will be visiting areas ranging from the sub-alpine Paramo through the misty highland cloud forests and tropical rainforests down to mangrove swamps and both the Caribbean and Pacific coastline. Within this range of habitats an incredible 900 species of birds has been recorded, along with an equally impressive list of mammals, insects and reptiles. This tour is designed to give a taste of several of the most productive areas and we can expect to record in the region of 450 bird species within our two week stay.


Lying between Poland to the west and the Russian Federation to the east Belarus or “White Russia” is one of the least developed countries in Europe and a paradise for naturalists. It is a wild country, where pristine natural habitats hold a thriving array of eastern specialties, including some that are distinctly rare or absent all together from other parts of Europe. Tracts of primeval oak forest - among the largest and oldest recorded anywhere - are home to the beautiful and rare Azure Tit as well as the magnificent Great Grey Owl. All ten European woodpeckers can also be found, along with Hazel Grouse, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Barred Warbler and Thrush Nightingale. Meanwhile hundreds of meandering rivers and the largest marshes and fens on the continent are home to Aquatic Warbler, Terek Sandpiper, Citrine Wagtail and leking Great Snipe to name just a few. It is also home to large populations of sough-after mammals including European Bison, Lynx, Wolf, Beaver and Wild Boar.


The Northern Isles in spring are a very special place, with a wealth of stunning wildlife-watching opportunities as well as breathtaking scenery and tranquillity. This eight day tour has been specially planned to coincide with the late arrival of spring, with some birds only now in late May arriving back to these remote isles to breed. Firstly we'll be based on the South Mainland from where we can visit many of the best known sites, including a late evening visit to the island of Mousa to witness the spectacle of Storm Petrel returning to the colony. Next we move north to Unst, the most northerly point of the British Isles. Here we can marvel at one of the many bustling seabird colonies, as well as visit the neighbouring islands of Yell and Fetlar, the latter famously home to the beautiful Red-necked Phalarope, one of Britain's rarest and most sought after breeding birds. Of course another feature at this time is the regular passage of scarce and rare migrants and given the right conditions who knows what may turn up. In addition to the birds we can also expect spectacular displays of wild flowers, Otters, Seals, Dolphins and if we are lucky perhaps even the chance of seeing Killer Whales!


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Early Booking Discount
Any tour booked six months prior to departure will receive a 5% discount on the total cost of the tour. Discount will be deducted from the remaining balance not the deposit.

Loyalty Discount
For those of you who regularly travel with us, and have been on three qualifying tours, a 5% discount will be given on any fourth tour of your choice. Qualifying tours must be a duration of 5 days or longer and have featured in our scheduled tours programme.

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